About the Series

The purpose of the series is to create an awareness of racial issues as they exist generally in America and specifically in Fort Collins, and to help "erase racism" by addressing concerns which face people of color or of minority ethnic backgrounds. We are fortunate in Fort Collins that racism is generally not overt. Even so, personal and institutional prejudice remains against people who are deemed "different." This is at least partly due, we believe, to unconscious bias and to a lack of awareness of what it's like to walk in the shoes of someone from another background. We hope these films will help people to gain such an awareness.

Some issues raised in the discussions included the relationship between personal and institutional racism, the distinction between shades of skin color made within some ethnic groups, and the nature of the anti-discrimination ordinance in Fort Collins

This series was conceived in 2001 by the Cultural Diversity/Anti-racism Task Force, an arm of the Social Concerns Steering Committee of the Foothills Unitarian Church.

Previous Series

Every year we host a series of films. To help market the series, we create posters listing the films that will be shown for that particular season. Listed here are the posters from previous years showing the films that have been presented before.

These posters are in a PDF file format. If you do not already have software installed, you will need either Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Reader, both free to download and use.

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